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Use our 38 years of experience for all your IT, Electronics & Automation Solutions

Since 1982 we at the Sparco Engineering have been helping customers all over the country achieve their goals. We design built-in electronics for improving manufacturing processes, collecting data, controlling equipment and monitoring quality. We design and build custom devices as components of existing process lines or to stand on their own.

Why Choose Us

Choose us if any of these comments ring true for you.


Need a Custom Solution

We are good listeners. Nobody knows your business like you do. Tell us what you really think! We enjoy new challenges and developing new applications and prototypes.


Need Economical Experience

We as a company have been in business for nearly thirty-eight years solving these problems. Some of our core staff have been working at it a lot longer. We won't waste your money re-solving a problem. If there's a less expensive solution on the shelf, we'll let you know. There are many interesting projects out there. We won't waste your time (or ours) redoing something available for less.


I'm busy and not sure if automation is what I need

You don't want to spend your time learning to automate. You have a business to run and you want your process to be more accurate or faster or more consistent. We can help determine if automation makes sense for you before you get in deep in the process. If you want to learn more right now about what automation can do, please see Why automate.


I have an idea I want to talk to someone about. I'm not an engineer, I just know I need to dry my asphalt

If you have a project idea, we will help you determine what can be done up front. You don't have to have it all figured out before you call us. Just pick up the phone and we'll help you with some free advice. We do it every day.


I'm looking for a flexible partner to help with up front development of my idea

We are lean and flexible. Projects can be structured many different ways to accomodate cashflow arrangements of many varieties. Try us.


I want someone I can trust who knows how to do this stuff

We are already up to speed. Confidentiality is not a problem. Call us / Whatsaapp for references. We'll put your mind at ease.


I know exactly what I need but I don't have the in-house staff (capability or availability) to do it.

Perfect. We can help you to enhance your engineering capabilities without adding staff. Short term, long term, whatever you need. Let's get started right away. Call us 24 hours a day. At your next status meeting you'll be saying, "I've got someone working on that right now!"



62-C Gulshan e Ahbab, near EME DHA SECTOR, Gulshan E Ahbab, Lahore, Punjab 57000


Email: info@sparcobiz.com
Phone: +92 (300) 690 7585
Phone: +92 (333) 690 3362